Oral presentation (5+3min or 7+5min):


Presentation time:

Oral presentation: Each presenter have 5 minutes for the oral presentation along with 3 minutes for discussion

Gudbjartsson Award session: Each presenters have 7 minutes for the oral presentation along with 5 minutes for discussion


Presentation tools are free of choice (e.g. Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.). However, it is the responsibility of the presenter that the software can be displayed at the conference. Movies and animations in slideshows should be tested prior to the presentation.

Please upload your slideshow in advance of the presentation (prior to the start of the program of your presentation day) to the designated computer in the conference room.

It is important to stay on time. When you have 2 minutes left of your time, the moderator will notify you for your convenience.

All oral presentations must be given in English.

Introduce yourself to the moderator of your session prior to start.

All oral presentations will be in competition for the “Best Oral Presentation” Award.